A LinkedIn Quiz For You

A LinkedIn Quiz For You

The LinkedIn test is below. You can download a pdf of the quiz and the answers by following this link: The Adams Consultancy Limited LinkedIn Quiz 2018

All answers must be “yes” or “no”.

  1. Do you accept connections requests from people you do not know?
  2. Do you know in which sectors, or in which types of organisation, the people you want to connect with work?
  3. Facebook and LinkedIn are different types of online platform. Do you have a clear idea in your own mind of the differences between the two?
  4. Have you created a Vanity URL for yourself on LinkedIn?
  5. If you “deconnect” from someone, do you contact him or her and say why you have acted in this way?
  6. Does your photograph on LinkedIn depict you as someone suited to a professional role?
  7. Do you like, comment or share an article on LinkedIn every work-day?
  8. Is connecting with someone on LinkedIn the same as following him or her?
  9. Have you tagged fewer than three people on LinkedIn in the last three months? (E.g. when you upload an update or an article)
  10. Do you post to at least one LinkedIn group every week?

I have included this LinkedIn Quiz in the appendices to my forthcoming book:

Are You Ready To Succeed At Work?

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