Books For Ambitious People

Every one needs help to get on.

You want to succeed at work. You know in order to do so you will need to continue building your skills and capabilities.

The books on this list will help you.

Seven Things Successful Job Applicants (Almost)Always Do

This book is for people who want to manage their careers really well. The sub-title to the book is: Learn How To Land The Job You Really Want.  That shows what the book aims to do. If you think being appointed to a role has a lot to do with luck, think again.  There are things you can do to make  success  as a job applicant more likely.  Learn more.

Boost Your Career With Better Time Management

This is a guide for every one who has too much to do, and not enough time in which to do it. This is a practical guide to time management for anyone who wants to succeed.  It will help you to get to grips with managing your time, managing your performance and fulfilling your ambitions.  Learn more.

Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

Dislike for your job, in itself, is not a good reason for leaving your current role immediately. It is a good reason for planning your departure and preparing yourself for another role. Just make sure when you leave, you leave for the tight reasons. Learn more.

Warning! Your Job Is Not Your Life

If you find yourself regularly working day and night, you might believe you do not have time to reconsider your current approach to our work. You’re wrong! If you currently work very hard, for too long, you definitely need this book. Learn more.


I have made all of these books available on Amazon Kindle. You will find they are inexpensive but very helpful.