Boost Your Career

Time ManagementWhy not Boost Your Career With Better Time Management?

Effective time management is a make-or-break, must-have ability for career-minded individuals working at all levels in organisations today.

You know why! Most people are increasingly time poor.

They manage 24/7 schedules and fast-paced lives where down-time is a thing of the past, and more is demanded of them every day.

In the 21st century workplace you must work to high standards. You have to achieve if you are going to be successful at work. That means finding ways to ditch irrelevant and time-consuming activities and allocating more of your time to what matters and to what will make a difference to your chances of getting ahead.

Challenging long-held beliefs that time management is about keeping your desk clear, multi-tasking and squeezing more into days that are already too full, in Boost Your Success With Better Time Management Margaret Adams encourages you to rethink your whole approach to how you manage your time at work.

If you want to spend more time on the things that really matter to your success, deliver greater value to your organisation and become more influential at work,  Boost Your Career With Better Time Management is definitely for you.

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