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This website is designed to help you to be more successful in your career. It is a website for people who are serious about succeeding.

There are two principal ways in which The Adams Consultancy Limited can help you to succeed faster.

Gaining The Skills You Need To Achieve More Success

We help you do this without asking you to spend large amounts of money on expensive training programmes. We write and publish short, readable, accessible and inexpensive e-books that help you to achieve success at work and reach your career goals faster.

Take a look at: Books For Ambitious People on this website to learn more.

Building A Great Online Presence

Our other means of helping you to succeed in your career is to help you build a strong, global, online presence.

We use LinkedIn primarily to help you to learn how to sparkle online. Our process involves guiding you towards rethinking the ways in which you use LinkedIn and how you can use the platform to move your career forward.

See the page Sparkle on this website for more information.

However, there is something more to be said. Take  our self-assessment test first and find out what you are good at and what your development areas are. Find the test in Are You Ready To Succeed at Work?

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And me:

My name is Margaret Adams and I can help you with the above issues.

Margaret Adams
Margaret Adams

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