Sparkle On LinkedIn

LinkedIn And Sheep

Do your online profiles sparkle? Do you take time to create an interesting and valuable website presence on all the online platforms you use? Or, do you just do what most people do,  which is not much. Whatever you do:

“Don’t  Follow The Sheep.”

You And LnkedIn

Here’s how we can help.

Service One

An hour’s telephone support which includes a review of your current LinkedIn profile and three suggestions how to make significant improvements to your online profile.

Price: £150 GBP


Service Two

Need a new profile and want it writing for you? We can provide you with a Word document ready for you to upload. That means you keep editorial control of everything that is written about you.

Price: £295 GBP


Service Three

You want a new LinkedIn profile, but you also want help to develop a connections’ strategy that works. You are looking for help with finding that promotion or that new job. How is it done? We can help you by offering you a new LinkedIn profile and two one-hour telephone tutorials to teach you how to achieve your goals.

Price: £495 GBP

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