LinkedIn And Sheep

Do your online profiles sparkle? Do you take time to create an interesting and valuable website presence on all the online platforms you use? Or, do you just do what most prople do,  which is not much.

You need a better LinkedIn profile, one that is written with a defined audience in mind, unless, of course, you are already a LinkedIn expert. Here at The Adams Consultancy Limited we can help you make significant improvements to your LinkedIn profile

Which Parts Of Your LinkedIn Profile Really Matter?

Short LinkedIn HeadlineThis piece of information will save you hours of work. People only really look at:

  • your professional headline
  • your summary (beneath your professional headline).

People do not read your LinkedIn profile in depth and you should know that.

Our most popular service is an overhaul of your current LinkedIn profile.

Buy this service and we will:

  • offer you a half hour telephone discussion to plan your new profile.
  • create an interesting and useful professional headline (This comes up on searches) We will offer you three to choose from.
  • improve your summary and write for your principal audience (2000 characters are available.
  • We will show you how to target your profile towards a specific audience.
  • create a new profile section dealing with your current role.


The value of this service, once we have worked with you, is that you can stop Rethink LinkedInfeeling uncomfortable about your online presence and start using your LinkedIn profile to help you be more successful online and offline.

The price for this package is £295.00 (GBP).

We also offer a second service to people with whom we have already worked. It includes

  • an updating strategy
  • a connections strategy
  • a “deconnection” strategy
  • a new strategy for using “settings”
  • a strategy for becoming more visible on LinkedIn.

We will discuss price when we have worked on your LinkedIn profile.

If you want to know more get in touch.