Promoting Your Work – Today

If you read the first part of this series, you will know what a commitment to writing and self-publishing can mean.

Maybe you want a book contract with an established publisher, Good Luck if that’s what you want! However self-publishing can also work.

For the moment, forget about books and getting articles published. Think about your PRODUCTS and how to promote them. In all honesty, people with products to sell, often fail to promote their work at all. Are you one of these people? Continue reading “Promoting Your Work – Today”

What About Your Career?

Have you been thinking about your career and wondering if you could manage it better, now and in the near future?

There may, or may not, be posts to apply for today but do you want to wait for a change in the employment climate, or not?


There will be posts to apply for, but they may not be available at exactly the time when you are looking. Here are three issues to consider RIGHT NOW.

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Heard Of FE News

FE News

You may not have heard of this online publication.

However, if you want to build your brand, and become more influential in your niche, choose a publication which fits your approach and set out to write for it.

Here are some recent examples of how I do this AND build my online presence and standing at the same time.

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