How Often …

How Often …?

How often do you think about your LinkedIn profile? Is it once a week, once a month or have you no idea?

Alongside that question ask yourself how often you update your LinkedIn profile. It’s probably time to do an update this week.

Start with your LinkedIn headline.

Now consider which sections of the LinkedIn profile you have ignored and for how long have they remained ignored?

If a stranger read your LinkedIn profile, or anything else you have posted onlline, what would he or she think about you? There are people who don’t say anything about their online presence, whether they have anything online or  not. That means that they can’t gain interest in what they do, or want to do, as well as they might.

For the moment, just think about the following three issues:

  1. Do you have a strong online presence?

Do you know the component parts of an “online presence?” If I put your name into a search engine, what would be revealed about you? If you have no online persona, and very little visibility online, then think about getting to work on what you say online.

  1. Are you a lifelong learner?

Your LinkedIn ProfileWhat have your learned recently? Could you deliver a ten-minute presentation about your learning? Would colleagues and others be keen to hear about this subject? Would they also look forward to you delivering the presentation?

The Adams Consultancy LinkedIn Quiz

  1. What do you want from your career?

Can you focus about what you want now, what you want in a year’s time and what you want five years from now?

You do not need all the answers today. You do need to think about the questions and your possible answers in the very near future. If you have no idea, you are probably trying to do everything that is asked of you. Decide what interests you, and build on it. Decide what does interest you. Ask yourself if this something you want to know more about. Then, plan for the future!

great tomeOne More Thing To Think About

Today, more and more people are working from home. Map out the benefits to your organisation from doing this. Think hard about what militates against home-working. If you do nothing else, this week, find five reasons in favour of home working, and   then five reasons for shunning home working.

One way or the other, make your mark and do it online.