Do Your Published Books Still Sell?

If books you have already written are still selling, you might already have some idea of how to manage your ‘backlist’. If not, think now about your works from some time ago.

Many people rarely think about what they have written in the past. Their books may be online and on the correct websites. However, if writers wish to sell more today, next week and next month, they will need to plan how to do this.

This is not an article about your writing. Your books may be good, but if no one knows about them, they will not sell. I know. I published lots of books without sparing a single thought on what happens after publication. As a result, sales were not what I wanted them to be.

Some people are born to write. It is just something they have to do. I am one of those people.

I managed to turn every job I ever had into a writing role. As an employed person I wrote reports, analyses, training materials and more. My work was always polished and well written. I was in demand.

When I left employment and started to work in my own business, one of the

Remember this about your job.

things I did was to write the prose others wanted to use to promote themselves and their “online brand”. I also wrote hundreds of articles for magazines, for which I was paid.

With 15 books to my name, I’m afraid I am still learning about how best to promote a book. It’s no use thinking about your favourites. You have to write, publish and then promote, what people want to buy.

Examples of my self-published books that seem to matter to people are:

Warning! Your Job Is Not Your Life

Are You Ready To succeed At Work?

Here’s an example:

Succeed Ar Work








Published by a conventional publisher is:

Work-Life Balance, A Practical Guide for Teachers

The book still sells, even though it was published in 2007.

I have now started to promote my work and it seems to work.

More about my writing and publishing in my next article, where I even admit to having written and completed a novel about a dystopian future.

For the moment take a look at my list of books already published.