Clocks And Time!

The next three posts are all about Personal Branding. and how to build your brand. .

In this series I go through the steps taken by  one professional person to build a strong personal brand.

The first blog is about the major mistake that most people make – and it prevents them from building their personal brand. Continue reading “”

Can You Describe Your Job In Nine Words?

Nine Words

What happens when someone asks you what you do?

Do you break out in a cold sweat? Do you launch into a long pre-prepared reply? Do you change the subject? Do you look at the person in front of you as if you had never been asked such a question before?

Picture this situation. You are attending a training programme. The coffee break arrives. People stand near you with their cups in their hands and ask you what you do. Are you ready for this question? How much can you say before you notice the other people have stopped listening? Continue reading “Can You Describe Your Job In Nine Words?”