Why Didn’t I Get That Job? – It’s A Quiz

It's a quiz

Why Didn’t I Get That Job? – It’s A Quiz

Why didn’t you get that job? You had been hoping to start a new job in the New Year, but things did not work out as you hoped they would.

Try this quiz to help you to work out why you did not get the job you applied for and, more importantly, what you need to consider doing for the future.

There are thirty points available. You will find them noted after each of the ten questions set out here.  Points are allocated for positive answers. That means “yes”.

If you would prefer a printed copy of the quiz, you can download the pdf The Adams Consultancy Limited here.


Did you have an up-to-date CV/resume/statement about your current position ready before you learned about the role you recently did not get? (2 points)


Did you update all your online profiles before making your recent job application? (2 points)



Did you research the organisation where you recently applied for a position? (One point each for: website review, visit to the organisation before interview, review of products or services, review of hierarchy (who does what.) (4 points)


If you already work in the organisation, can you give detailed information about: the organisational hierarchy, the manager you hoped to work for (what he or she values in employees), how the various sections organise work and a clear outline of what you would do on a daily basis if you had succeeded in your application? (4 points)


Before applying for the post did you identify three ways in which you have succeeded in helping your current organisation to succeed? (E.g. enhanced organisational/team profitability, helped your team to achieve its targets, introduced an innovation that works well etc.) Find three.  (6 points in total: 2 points for each item,)


Does your organisation/manager/team leader believe that you add value in all the ways you have nominated in question four? (3 points)


In all the things you wrote in your job application, or said at interview, did you stress how important your contribution is to your employing organisation? (3 points)


If asked now, could you make a list of your current responsibilities and a second list of your acknowledged achievements at work? Make the lists. (2 points)


Do you know and understand about the skills, abilities, expertise and experience you will need to gain a job similar to the one you have just failed to get? Indicate at least four. (4 points)


Did you attempt to speak to someone in the organisation where you have just failed to gain a new post about what you still need to do or learn in order to gain a similar post in the future? (2 points)


Were you really committed to getting that job? Did you make your best effort to succeed? (2 points)

And The Scores

How did you do?


And The Scores

0 – 15

You do not appear to have made thorough plans to help you to obtain this role. Did you do as much preparation as was needed? Next time you are thinking of applying for a new post do more preparation. Learn more about the role you are applying for and more about the organisation in which you hope to work.

16 – 22

You made adequate preparation in many areas. Almost certainly you needed to cover more issues. If you look back can you think of subjects where you did not know how best to respond to questions at interview or when filling in forms? Next time you are thinking of applying for a new post try to find out what the organisation is looking for and establish how well you meet ALL the job requirements.

23 – 30

You made a good showing. In the end, was an appointment made? Were you up against a really exceptional applicant? If there was an outstanding candidate, you should not worry unduly. Whatever the reason why you were not successful carry on with your job search and continue to make great job applications.

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