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You don’t need all these!

Below are set out the three phases of the Fast Forward Your Career programme.

Here are the phases.

One: Your Self-assessment

You will need a broad self-assessment that covers the range capabilities and skills you need to fast forward your career. You can use a self-assessment of your own or you can use the one I have written. It is wide-ranging, inexpensive and available in paperback on Amazon.

Are You Ready To Succeed At Work?

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Enrol on the Fast Forward Your Career programme by sending me (Margaret Adams) a copy of your answers for all the tests

Two: Developing Yourself

This is the development element of the programme.

You will have found in the self-assessment that there are areas where you need to improve if you are going to succeed in your career. Remember that “success” can be about getting to the top. It can be about sustaining your employability over decades. You could have a different objective.

We will discuss details relevant to your career during the programme, if you decide to join.

Three: Building A Strong Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is necessary if you really want to fast forward your career.

You might have a good CV but it is not widely seen. On the other hand, create great LinkedIn profile and you can use it in the job market, in appraisals, with your team and so on. You could also find that someone anywhere in the world seeks you out because your LinkedIn profile presents you so well.

The good news is more than 90% of LinkedIn profiles are weak. At the moment, because, as yet, you have not followed the Fast Forward Your Career programme, you are probably one of the 90%. You can become one of the 10% easily.

If you really want to succeed, the steps in the Fast Forward Your Career programme will help you.

Take a look at the graphic below which is simple enough for you to copy.

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