Fast Forward Your Career – Part One

Success for you may mean getting on and gaining promotion. It may mean, doing more of what you enjoy doing. It could mean remaining employable in a changing world

The Adams Consultancy Limited has devised a development programme to help you, if you are keen to progress your career.

This post deals with the first stage in the Fast Forward Your Career programme, which is a personal audit or self-assessment. It answers the question:

How good am I now?

Margaret Adams says:

A set of self-assessments – try them!

“My self-assessments cover your personal effectiveness, your work-life balance, your personal branding, your approach to using the online world, your approach to lifelong learning and more.

These self-assessments have lots of guidance on how to use them and what to do after completing the self-assessment. This is all to be found in:

Are You Ready To Succeed At Work?

Find Out How Good You Really Are.

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Use these self-assessments or others that cover the issues raised above, and you will have completed the first part of the programme.”