Are You Working Too Hard?

Are you working too hard?

Are you working too hard? Yes or no. Do you know for certain? Are you guessing? Do you believe people at your workplace know whether or not you work too hard?

It is worth knowing the correct answer to the question because you want to know if you are an employee who works intelligently and gets things done or if you are just coasting along, letting others do the difficult work.

How can you find out?

No Isolation

You cannot make the decision about yourself without looking at other people’s efforts. You need to make comparisons. That means finding out how your colleagues work with each other and how they work with you. It also means noticing how much work other people get done. Do they take long lunch breaks? Are they always on time for meetings? Do they arrive at work early? Do they make sure every one knows how much they do? If they are asked to do something, do they do it? Also ask yourself these, and similar, questions.

If that approach is not for you, could ask an HR specialist about tests used in selection processes. Could you ask to borrow tests surrounding people’s work habits? Such tests may be available in your organisation but not necessarily.

The trouble is that you could spend a lot of time and money finding an answer. Then, you may not have any confidence in the accuracy of the result generated.

There are better things you could do.

Self-AssessmentA Useful Self-Assessment

You could try The Adams Consultancy Limited-self assessment covering exactly this subject. It is one of a series of self-assessment tests to help professionals judge their current standing at work and with reference to their jobs.

There are ten self-assessment tests in total and there are ten questions in each test.

The tests in the book are:

  1. Are you working too hard?
  2. Your performance at work: How good are you?
  3. Do you have a strong online presence?
  4. Are you creating your personal brand?
  5. How well do you manage yourself?
  6. Are you a time waster?
  7. How well do you deal with stress?
  8. Should you ever from home?
  9. Are you a lifelong learner?
  10. What do you want from your career?

Book Cover Nov 18With ten tests and one hundred questions in

Are You Ready To Succeed At Work?

there is plenty for you to consider.

The answers to Are You Working Too Hard are included in the pdf that you need to download.

What To Do Next

In A HurrySelf assess yourself. 100 questions and 10 subjects should give you the answers you are looking for.

If you are stressed, do the test.

If you are really busy, do the test. Don’t delay.

  • Use the tests with your team. (Use one at the next team meeting and then carry on using one per meeting. Collect the scores.)
  • Use the self-assessment tests to filter candidates applying for positions in your organisation.
  • Use the self-assessment tests with people who really do work too hard.

There are many other ways in which to use the self-assessment model. However, even if you only use the tests on yourself, you will learn more about yourself and no one else needs to know.

Download the pdf below.

The Adams Consultancy Limited-self assessment

Get to work on the test: Are You Working Too Hard?

Take a look at the other titles to tests. (See above.)

If you want to know more find:

Are You Ready To Succeed At Work?

on Amazon UK

and on Amazon US


Do the test today.

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