When You Lose Your Personal Brand … Rebuild!

Your Personal Brand

In the last post on personal branding I wrote about how I built up a personal brand in a well-defined market and with a clearly defined audience over the period 2007 – 2015.

Then, I lost my position in that market.


Serious illness.

The diary, which was full, had to be emptied quickly. Everything stopped.

I will not go into details, but from autumn in 2015 until the second half of 2017 I did very little to support my business or build my brand. – You might say I did nothing.

The New Personal Brand

These days I am building a different sort of personal brand. I write books and e-books to help professional people become more successful in their careers. I also write LinkedIn profiles – as I have done for a number of years.

Book Cover Nov 18My most recent book, published in paperback on November 15th 2018 is:

Are You Ready To Succeed At Work?

The subtitle is: Find out how good you really are.

This is a book of self-assessment tests or quizzes readers can complete before they make any more job applications. The tests help people looking for a new job to avoid making many of the mistakes job applicants tend to make when they focus on finding a new role without thinking about their competence in particular fields or if they really want the type of job they are currently seeking.

I now have thirteen books out. Some have been published with conventional publishers. Others are self-published via Amazon. (I prefer the self-publishing route these days.)

These books are all helping me to create a new personal brand. However, it is one that fits in with what I have done in the past.

Therefore, if you have not yet decided to build your personal brand, make a start now. It can be done. I know it can.

Margaret Adams

Seven ThingsHere are some of Margaret Adams’ book titles.

This book:

Seven Things Successful Job Applicants (Almost) Always Do

is a compendium of advice for people looking for a new job or a new career. The seven things are stated very clearly. Seven steps: seven actions.


Earlier titles of mine included:

Warning! Your Job Is Not Your Life.

Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

And: Marketing For School Leaders  in which drew on my knowledge of the education world.

Marketing For School Leaders

There will be another paperback of an existing title out as soon as I can get to work on it.