Do Employees Need Personal Websites?

table of contents – seven thingsAn Unusual SightAs someone in employment who intends to remain an employee, do you have a personal website?

What is your immediate response to the question?

If you have been reading this blog and my e-books, you will know that the content here is written to help people who are in employment – and intend to stay employed – to progress their careers.

That means, in my view, you need a personal website.

Here are five reasons why you really must take action to create a personal website or update, and keep updating, the website you already have.

1 – You Are In Control

You make all the decisions about what to show to the world online. You decide how to frame your statements. You decide what to include and what to omit. You can make the changes you want to make at any time. You can use prose, images, videos etc.

Do not rely on social media platforms to present you well. Even online social media profiles shape how you say things about yourself, so think carefully about getting your own site as well.

2 – You Will Stand Out

By having a well-presented online presence you will create a better impression simply because you are writing about yourself and your career. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Your online presence must be created to address a particular audience. You will only stand out, in a positive way, if you are very clear about who you are writing for.

  • Are you looking for a new job and using your personal website to help you?
  • Are you looking for promotion?
  • Are you looking to re-enter the workforce after a break?
  • Are you just starting out in your career?

You decide and create an appropriate website.

A personal website will give you more reach.

Your Own WebsiteAnyone in the world could find you online. Those who find you will read or see what you say about yourself. They will see different things from what you put in your CV or résumé.

Employers and potential employers search online for information about job applicants, as do recruiters. If you have a personal website, you will almost certainly stand out from other applicants for any job you apply for, because personal websites for people in employment are still relatively rare.

Who knows, you may even be invited to apply for a post because of what your personal website says about you, your skills, your expertise and your achievements.

3 – You Can Develop Your Online Authority

Perhaps you are a specialist, or wish to become one. Writing about a topic or subject that interests you will help you to become known in connection with that specialism. Deal with a specific field online. Put forward views and solutions to problems. Be prepared to express views which differ from conventional opinions. Invite others with the same interest to get in touch with you. Write consistently and make sure your name is associated with your chosen theme.

Do these things and you will start to be recognised as an expert or an authority on something.

You do not need to write a book on your favoured topic. You do need to show any visitors to your website that you have ideas and can communicate them in an interesting manner.

4 – You Can Develop Your Personal Brand

Do you have a personal brand? Do you know what it is and how people, especially employers, categorise you?

Think of yourself as a brand. Present a consistent and up-to-date image of yourself online. You aim is to become the person someone thinks about when he or she wants information or guidance on your favoured topic.

You do not have to become the world’s leading expert on something. What you want is to appear in online search results for the topic of interest to you. The more relevant information on your personal website, the better.

Package and promote yourself in line with the personal brand you are creating, but remember you are not a consultant and you are not looking for consultancy assignments. Be very clear that the subject you are writing about is one that interests you.

Of course, when roles and positions dealing with your specialism become available, you can use the information on your personal website to support your application – if you decide to make one.

Get this right and you will definitely stand out from the crowd or from other job applicants. You will become associated in the minds of others as someone with expertise in a topic. – That is your aim.

5 – You Can Show How You Add Value

You want to remain employed. You also want to progress with your career. That means you must show that you are worth employing. You must deliver value and be confident that your current employer appreciates your work. You must show you have potential for the future, too. When you are thinking what to write for your website remember to show how you add value,

Show you achieve, Show you have valuable skills. Show you are able to help others. Show you are an asset.

And Now . . .

There are lots more reasons why you need a personal website. These five will help make a start or improve your current website. In the next article your personal website itself will be the focus.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about adding value in Seven Things Successful Job Applicants (Almost) Always Do. See the table of contents – seven things

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