Your New Job!


Do you think searching for your new job is like trying to find a needle in a haystack? You read the trade journals and the newspapers. You look at job boards but you have not found your new job yet.

My advice is to stop looking whilst you read and digest this article.

the right sector

Are you looking for a job in the public sector or in the private sector?

Do you want to work for a company making a good profit or does that not really matter to you? Do you want to work in the voluntary sector?

Think carefully about this before you start looking seriously for your new job. If you look in what is the wrong place for you, you will never find the “right” job. If you look in the “wrong” place, you probably will not impress those hiring either.

the tight level

Do you want to be the person in charge? Do you want to be a team member? Do you want to be a team leader? Do you like the idea of leading a section or a department or does that sort of job just not interest you?

If you know you want to get to the top (whatever that means for you) you may have to take responsibility for leading others and making sure they do a good job. Are you ready for that?

choose the right environment

Level and working environment often go together, but they do not have to do so.

Do you like working with others? Do you like to work in a modern building? Do you like to get out and about? Do you like visiting clients or customers? Do you like speaking on behalf of your organisation?

Your decisions will make a big difference to your choice of working environment.

If you like talking about the work of your organisation, you may choose a sales role. If you like helping your co-workers, you may like the idea of helping people to learn.  If you like designing new ways of making things you may want to take on a research and development role.

The Right Culture

Do you want to work for an organisation with its headquarters in your own country? Do you like the idea of working for a company that is from Europe or from the USA or from the far east?

Companies from different countries will emphasise different elements at work and they will ask different things of their employees. What is perfectly acceptable behaviour in one context will be frowned on in another. Do you know if you will fit into the culture if you take a job with a particular organisation?

the right location

Are you happy living where you live at the moment? Do you want to move? Do you want to live in a city or in the countryside? Do you want to live and work by at sea? Do you long to work in another country?

You will have to think about all of these issues because they will affect your working life. Accepting a new job in the wrong place could cause lots of problems for you.

Your New Job!

Getting a new job is not all about your skills and experience. It takes in all the issues above and more, too. If you want the right, new job remember them all as you come to start making your applications.