Win Your Promotion – With Better Work-Life Balance

Win Your PromotionWhen you are looking for promotion at work, or when you are thinking about getting a job in a different organisation, winning your promotion requires more than just skills and experience. Employers want to employ people who can do the job they need filling, but they want more. This post covers one issue that, one way or another, matters a lot at work. Continue reading “Win Your Promotion – With Better Work-Life Balance”

Does Your Job Rule Your Life?

Manage Your Time
Whose time is it?

Does your job rule your life? This is a question that is in the minds of a lot of people. In fact, many people work long hours every week. They take home a briefcase of work each night and each weekend. Holidays are a nuisance. They get in the way of work.

When looking for a theme for an e-book I remembered that I knew many employees who are actively looking for help to manage their jobs and their lives. I did some more research which revealed there is a large potential readership for a book that helps people to manage their jobs and their lives more effectively.

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